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JUNE 8 - JUNE 22

Beirut in Portland is a theatrical event and community project interested in the effects of societally based fear-mongering and stigma on individuals. Mamie Colombero and Joshua Weinstein will co-star in our production of BEIRUT by Alan Bowne, opening May 2019 at The Shoebox Theater. Andrea White will direct this production of a dystopian love story, originally written by the playwright in response to the AIDS epidemic. Beirut in Portland has been growing and forming since January 2017, and we are extremely excited to share our work with our community.


Alan Bowne's BEIRUT is a classic and timely tale of how far we will go when gripped with fear and the possibility of death. 


Bowne's Beirut is timelier than ever, as we barrel forward under a leader who intends to make draconian cuts to our healthcare system, wills to build a literal wall to separate “outsiders” and is already imprisoning their children, and who is systematically spreading hate and polarizing us. We are all asked to navigate impossible waters at some point in our lives, make extreme decisions, and societal influence can often lead to impulsive reactions that may not have been without such influence. Not to mention the fact that society and group mentalities are often wrong, as we’ve seen with Japanese internment camps in the 1940s, McCarthyism in the 1950s, and the satanic cult fears of the 1980s. People suddenly are deemed worthless because of a belief held by many others. In a world where the people who have power are insistent on dismantling our human rights and setting the clock back to the civil war, this dystopian play that once served as a warning, could not be more relevant and urgent. After all, history repeats itself, or as our leading lady says poignantly, “People. Never. Change.”


BEIRUT in Portland believes in community involvement that goes beyond the artistic process. We are partnered with Cascade AIDS Project, to whom 20% of all ticket sales will be donated and we have been volunteering and participating in CAP's event's for the past year and a half, both individually and as a team. We are also very excited to have begun a new volunteering partnership with Our House of Portland- An organization which provides healthcare, housing, and other vital services to people in need in our community living with HIV.

Beirut in PDX will be holding a private performance for CAP & Our House members and staff, and tickets to performances of BEIRUT are always free for CAP & Our House members. 












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