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by Alan Bowne

In a dystopian anti-sexual American society, shortly after an epidemic of an unknown disease, infected people or “positives” are quarantined in the Lower East Side of New York City, dubbed “Beirut." The government has installed “sex detectors” everywhere, and persons dressed “provocatively” are sent to prison. Beirut follows an evening in the life of Blue, who has broken into Beirut to unite with her positive boyfriend, Torch. As Torch rejects her advances out of fear of infecting her, Blue makes the case that life without intimacy isn’t worth living. As Blue implores Torch to let her stay, live and perhaps even die with him in Beirut, a brutal portrait of a fear mongering and fascist society emerges, while the young lovers fight with themselves and each other to determine just exactly what kind of life is worth living. A story of segregation, fear, systemic hatred and control unfolds into a tender tale of what it means to love unconditionally and without fear.

Come join us and see how much we haven't changed.